AtC: Rediscovery By Reinvention

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This is most definitely new. But it’s going to be so much fun.

By Pat Radigan

At some point when you keep trying to reinvent yourself, you lose sight of who you actually are.

That holds true for individuals, but it’s even more potent in the world of branding and media. Between aggregating versus reporting, embedding versus creating and more, there are a lot of choices a media company has to make about who they are, and what kind of content they want to define their brand.

As much as I hate to admit it, I fell into that black hole of indecision. Our goal when we launched was to reinvent how local sports media outlets covered a multitude of teams and sports. After a few years of defining ourselves through our women’s and Olympic sports coverage, though, we got greedy.

Now, we are taking a step back, and trying a new approach to what got us here.

It’s a
New Day
Yes It Is

New features, Huskers winning in basically every sport and a busy weekened on the horizon. Sounds about perfect.

What’s Going On


Purdue – 24

Recap | Stats

West Lafayette, Ind.


No. 7 Nebraska3
No. 10 Michigan St. – 1

Recap   |   Stats

East Lansing, Mich.

No. 7 Nebraska3
Michigan – 0

Recap   |   Stats

Ann Arbor, Mich.


Bearcat Open
Nebraska – 1st


Fairview Heights, Ill.

Cross Country

Big Ten
Men – 9th
Women – 12th


Bloomington, Ind.


No. 2 TCU – 4,711
No. 10 Michigan St. – 4,663
No. 14 Nebraska – 4,636


Fort Worth, Texas

No. 14 Nebraska4,665
No. 18 Memphis – 4,640


Forth Worth, Texas

Today we are launching CF Squared, a digital newsletter that will come out two days a week, and serve as our weekend preview, and then a wrap up of how it all went. Think of it as a mash up of the newspage design and concepts you know and love, but with the ability to simply click through and access in-depth stories and multimedia content.

And it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Keep reading for a brief preview of what’s to come, or else just stay tuned throughout the week as we show you what we’ve been working on.

Everyone Has A Podcast

This is an idea we’ve tried before, but we are looking forward to revamping how we do audio content.

Think of a version of This American Life, but with Husker sports and all the intricacies of the world of Nebraska athletics. It’s going to be as far from traditional “sports talk” as you can think of. We love sports because of the people they bring together and the stories that play out on the field.

Not because we like to hear our own voice talk about them. That will be extremely apparent in our Podcast, which launches this Wednesday. You can listen first, but you might as well go ahead and save yourself the trouble and just subscribe then.

Pivoting Without Pandering

If you are a sports media website, and you AREN’T pivoting to video… you just might have a soul.

But video is pretty sweet, and we have the tools, so we’re going to dabble a bit in that area too. We’ll have a few selfie stick updates from various Husker venues, a few videos from our own little ‘studio’ and even a couple of more polished video features here and there.

Again, we aren’t trying to find new ways to package our ‘opinions and analysis’ and we won’t have ads on our videos. We just want to use our video capabilities to provide coverage to certain sports and topics that otherwise wouldn’t be published by media companies caught up in the bigger sports.

Interviews Over Analysis

Extending off of our Podcast concept, we are going to find other ways to use our the quotes we get and the access we have to Huskers athletes. Today we are bringing back our “Say What” features, with a new stylistic twist, and those will also be included and featured prominently in our e-publications.

That means that not only will we finally start to have other people writing stories besides me, but we’re also going to be steering away from ‘traditional’ opinion content as we try and take a more critical look at how the sports media works, and what we can do to change it.

Your Featured Presentation…

Saving the Print Media

One e-publication at a time

If you’ve been paying close enough attention, you can probably tell that we’ve wanted to do a newsletter for a long time. Now, we’ve actually made it.

It’s not perfect, but CF Squared is something new and unique we haven’t seen in this market, and we are excited about the potential. Especially for the women’s sports and Olympic sports at Nebraska. Because while we are a digital media outlet, and have a foot in the ‘future’ in terms of the mediums we are currently exploring, we still see the value in traditional media products.

There’s a reason fans still prefer to pick up a physical newspaper, and it’s our goal to bring that to your desktop or mobile device. At the same time, we want to provide options and content you simply will not find in any similar publication or newsletter.

And CF Squared is only the beginning. We are currently looking into putting together a full digital magazine for our huskers W property, and exploring new and unique ways of reinventing the game program for specific, noteworthy matchups. So this may just look like one newsletter, but it marks the start of something so much bigger.

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