MBB: Nebrasketball ready for the ‘fun’ to begin after a 5-2 start to the season

Players to Watch

Photo by Pat Radigan

Nebraska has a mix of returning starters and role players, transfers and even a few freshman looking to make an impact this year.

Miles has been relying on Glynn Watson Jr., James Palmer Jr. and Evan Taylor as his starting backcourt and the combination of Isaac Copeland and Jordy Tshimanga to round out the starters. The five have are averaging 53.7 points a game so far this season, and are accounting for 20.2 rebounds a game and 81 total assists.

Finding an offensive rhythm for the starting five while also pulling in efforts from the bench will be key in Nebraska stepping up its scoring performances. Miles hasn’t been shy this season in bench efforts, awarding some playing time to just about every name on his roster.

Stand out performances from the bench this season come from Roby, who averaging 5.3 rebounds a game and leads the team with 13 blocks. If Nebraska changes up its starting five this season, Roby would likely be the first choice in, and Miles has mentioned the possibility of a Roby-Copeland frontcourt.

Senior center Duby Okeke and junior forward Jack McVeigh have added depth to NU’s defensive/rebounding efforts, and give the Huskers options and the ability to switch their style to feature the individual talents of this Nebraska team.

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