About CFS

After starting as the lofty brainchild of a pair of journalism majors at Nebraska, Corn Fed Sports has taken major strides to become a digital alternative for Husker sports coverage, and we don’t have any plans to let up soon.

Corn_Fed_Sports_Logo_ColorAs a full service digital outlet covering Nebraska sports, we are a group of forward thinking student journalists, who see a sports media world where traditional media takes a backseat to news, video and other visual content directly to your mobile or other laptop device. We’re digital natives, and we think that gives us the perfect perspective to provide you with one-of-a-kind Husker coverage and content.

Let’s face it, the way sports fans take in the game has changed. And at the same time, those developing social media channels also give smaller sports a center stage they’ve never had before. That’s why it’s our mission at Corn Fed Sports to provide you in-depth coverage on ALL of the happenings in Huskerville, rather than just beating the same drum of football, football, football and an occasional check-in with coach Miles.

It’s a new era for ALL Husker sports and we’re here to bring you a front seat view of what’s to come for Nebraska athletics. Strap in folks, the ride is only beginning.