TSL Wrap Up: In Like a Lion (3/4/15)

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TSL Wrap Up: Coaches and Crazies (2/17/15)

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TSL Wrap Up: Walking a Fine Line (2/13/15)

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CFS AM Radio: Bird Droppings (2/9/2015)

We sprinkle in some positivity from Twitter as we debut our new daily segment — Bird Droppings.

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CFS AM Radio: Inside the Red Zone (2/9/15)

We welcome Pierce Georlett to discuss having Husker head man Mike Riley and other key figures in the Nebraska athletic department join the Red Zone for a basketball game.

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The Scarlet Letter: Feb. 4, 2015

Video by Sydny Boyd and Alex Schubauer

TSL Wrap Up: Spoiling the Victors (2/3/15)

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TSL Wrap Up: Navigating the Interwebs (1/30/15)

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TWEET O’ THE DAY: Think Before You Tweet (1/29/15)


We all know that Twitter is not always the most honorable or polite place to be.

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TWEET O’ THE DAY: Always Take the High Road (1/28/15)


Despite the tension and intensity of competition, I think it’s safe to say a majority of coaches and assistants would agree the REAL double-edged sword of college sports is recruiting.

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TSL Wrap Up: Road to a Rivalry (1/27/15)

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FB: Huskers, Riley announce four additional assistant coach hires

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THREE THINGS: Huskers wrap up 2014 with hope for the future

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VIDEO: Husker Corey Cooper gets “ill” prior to USC score

This video should need no caption, except don’t watch while eating…

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Better Times (12/27/14)

Photo and Story by Pat Radigan | Corn Fed Sports
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TSL Wrap Up: Strange Things (12/13/14)

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TSL Triple Option: Hell Breaks Loose (12/11/14)

Just when we thought we’d have enough chaos to talk about in our return to the Triple Option, Incarnate Word comes to town.

Podcast by Alex Schubauer, Brian Hall and Pat Radigan, but if you want to complain tweet at Brian.