TSL Wrap Up: Strange Things (12/13/14)

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TSL Triple Option: Hell Breaks Loose (12/11/14)

Just when we thought we’d have enough chaos to talk about in our return to the Triple Option, Incarnate Word comes to town.

Podcast by Alex Schubauer, Brian Hall and Pat Radigan, but if you want to complain tweet at Brian.

TWEET O’ THE DAY: DPE for President (12/10/14)


Marcus Mariota is a very, very good football player, and one that probably deserves the Heisman. He’s led Nike (Oregon) through a tough schedule and to a berth in the inaugural College Football Playoff. His numbers are excellent, and he more-than-passes the eye test. But does that mean that we can’t throw DeMornay Pierson-El into the spotlight alongside him? No.

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FRESHLY POPPED: Making a Splash (12/9/14)

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TWEET O’ THE DAY: Seeking Knowledge (12/9/14)


It’s fair to say Husker Nation responded in volume to last week’s hiring of Mike Riley, and it doesn’t appear to be letting up anytime soon.

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FRESHLY POPPED: Fresh Off the Twitter Wire

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#WWLST: Taking the High Road (12/8/14)

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TWEET O’ THE DAY: “Saying Goodbye” (12/3/14)


You may have already heard, but Nebraska fired Bo Pelini on Sunday.

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FRESHLY POPPED: Coaches and Fans (12/3/14)

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TWEET o’ the DAY: Nebraska P.I. (12/1/14)


The conversation has been shifted from that of Bo’s firing to that of the soon to be hired.

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CFS in the AM: No More Bo (12/1/14)

Bo Pelini has been relieved of his coaching duties at Nebraska, but now what? We try and address the question eating at Husker Nation on a chilly Monday morning in Lincoln.

Podcast by Jon Kipper and Pat Radigan

FB: Husker Coaching Search — A Crash Course

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TSL Wrap Up: Moving On (12/1/14)

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TSL Triple Option: Hot Seat Hogwash (11/19/14)

We’ve hit that part of the Huskers season where fans and media members alike start jumping off of the Bo Pelini bandwagon and ask for a change, but is that really the smart choice? We discuss.

Podcast by Brian Hall, Alex Schubauer and Pat Radigan, but if you want to complain tweet at Brian.

TSL Wrap Up: Moving Past the Meltdown (11/17/14)

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PHOTOS: Huskers start strong, fade fast in blowout loss to Badgers

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TSL Wrap Up: Freedom, Death, and Questionable Intentions (11/14/14)

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