TSL Wrap Up: One Team to Rule Them All

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FB: Huskers ride 453 yards on the ground to 45-14 thrashing of Illinois

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TWEET O’ THE DAY: Ameer vs. The SEC


Nebraska quite literally ran all over the Illinois fighting Illini on Saturday night.

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PHOTOS: Huskers run over, past Illini to open Big Ten play with blowout win

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TSL Wrap Up: Conference Crazies

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VB: Huskers use .347 hitting mark to steamroll Iowa in Big Ten opener

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FB: Huskers ride Abdullah’s big night to 41-31 win over Miami

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PHOTOS: Huskers roll past Miami 41-31 in Saturday night showdown

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9/20 – Pregame Podcast v. Miami

Jon Kipper, Austin Pistulka, and Michael Dixon run through a quick pre-game check ahead of NU-Miami.

TSL Triple Option: 9/19/14

We don’t have solutions to why the Big Ten is struggling, but it’s easy to see why these first couple of weeks have gone the way they have, we explain.

Podcast by Brian Hall, Alex Schubauer and Pat Radigan, but if you want to complain Tweet at Brian.

TSL Wrap Up: Heated Seats

Brady Hoke is just one of the many Big Ten coaches feeling the heat.

Blog by Alex J Schubauer | Corn Fed Sports
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Well, times are tough, and I’m not sure how many times I can keep writing sentences like this before everyone loses interest. The Big Ten is a sinkhole of suck, swallowing all that is competent and enjoyable, leaving us with nothing but a gaping chasm that we can only fill with misplaced hope and blind optimism. I don’t normally talk like this. This is what Big Ten football does to people.

If you saw any list of coaches on the hot seat before the season, you’d have seen a disproportionate number of Big Ten coaches represented. Surprisingly, it’s only gotten worse.

I’ll go through no less than six B1G coaches that many consider to be on a seat that is some degree warmer than average, and shed some light on their situation.

Tim Beckman, Illinois, 3rd year

Overall Record: 8-19 (.296)
Greatest Achievement: Beating eventual 9-4 finishers Cincinnati last year? Jury’s out on this one
Worst Transgression: His only conference win is against a conference-winless Purdue last year
Why He’ll Be Fired: Ron Zook went to the Rose Bowl in his third year, which isn’t forgotten; when fans are nostalgic for the Zooker, things aren’t looking good.
Why He Won’t Be: The expectations at Illinois aren’t any higher than Ron Zook.

Kevin Wilson, Indiana, 4th year

Overall Record: 11-27 (.289)
Greatest Achievement: Three blow-out conference wins last season (Penn State, Illinois, Purdue)
Worst Transgression: Giving up 45 points and 571 yards in a loss to Bowling Green last week
Why He’ll Be Fired: He can’t seem to figure out one half of the sport, last year’s total defense was 103rd, right between the power duo of Ball State and Miami (Ohio)
Why He Won’t Be: He has the good fortune of following Bill Lynch, whose 19-30 record and six total Big Ten wins left Indiana fans utterly disinterested, Wilson hasn’t been worse than that, and there aren’t any fans left to care anyway.

Kirk Ferentz, Iowa, 16th (!) year

Overall Record: 110-80 (.578)
Greatest Achievement: Winning the 2010 Orange Bowl; doing just enough since then to not get fired
Worst Transgression: His 7-9 record against Iowa State

Why He’ll Be Fired: Qustionable clock management; any ability to score has gone missing; actually saying this to a member of the media.

Why He Won’t Be: The buyout for his contract (which lasts through 2019 (!!)) is TWELVE MILLION DOLLARS (!!!) Is that affordable? Forbes says yes.

Brady Hoke, Michigan, 4th year

Overall Record: 28-14 (.666) (A coincidence, I’m sure)
Greatest Achievement: A Sugar Bowl victory and Top-10 finish in 2011
Worst Transgression: Decrease in wins each season; a 3-5 finish in conference play last season
Why He’ll Be Fired: He’s been mostly underwhelming even with such talent as Denard Robinson, Fitzgerald Toussaint, Roy Roundtree, Devin Gardner; not adding to Michigan’s 911 wins fast enough
Why He Won’t Be: He hasn’t disgraced the Michigan name quite as fast as Rich Rodriguez, he’s the no-nonsense, good-old-boy football coach that Michigan can’t seem to let go of

Pat Fitzgerald, Northwestern, 9th year:
Overall Record: 55-48 (.534)
Greatest Achievement: A 10-3 season and Gator Bowl win in 2012; transforming his players into union members
Worst Transgression: Spending an entire offseason failing to properly prepare for Cal; having both Trevor Simien and Kain Colter and using neither of effectively
Why He’ll Be Fired: He’s actively trying to gain the hatred of his players in exchange for the possibility of wins; the Wildcats could easily have an 0-fer this season.
Why He Won’t Be: Until now, he’s continued to maintain a level of play just above mediocrity, which I believe is all you’re contractually obligated to achieve at Northwestern.

Darrell Hazell, Purdue, 2nd season:

Overall Record: 2-13 (.133)
Greatest Achievement: Defeating Indiana State for his sole win; coming within a touchdown of the Shillelagh Trophy against Notre Dame
Worst Transgression: Take your pick. I’m not going to even try on this one.
Why He’ll Be Fired: He gave Purdue its worst season in 20 years, inheriting a team coming off of back-to-back bowl appearances and running it full-throttle into the ground – no survivors have been found.
Why He Won’t Be: Even Danny Hope got four years; the rest of the Big Ten is so abysmal that this team is capable of stumbling into a few wins this year.

Not on the list? Jersey Football

But on with the good news. I also have some bad news: there is only one piece of good news. It’s that Big Ten expansion is sneakily beginning to seem like the right decision.

This week, the Big Ten announced that the first conference game of 2014, Penn State at Rutgers, was the highest rated college game in New York and Philadelphia. (http://btn.com/2014/09/16/penn-state-at-rutgers-on-btn-was-top-rated-ncaaf-game-in-ny-philly/) Is this not why Rutgers is here? Are they not doing their job? The conference needs those oh-so precious markets and their sweet, sweet revenue stream, and the Scarlet Knights delivered. It even looks like Jersey Football will be able to put up a fight on the field as well, so hey, there’s an unexpected bonus in the deal!

Maryland, of course, just gets to be Maryland. As long as they keep adding more ridiculous uniforms and keep putting up points with their strangely interesting offense, with wins or without, that’s all the conference really needs from them.

The Big Ten also wouldn’t say no to some of that East Coast bias being thrown their way. Anything they can get their hands on, really.

TSL Wrap Up: Admitting the Problem

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TSL: Triple Option (9/11/14)

It’s got to get better for the Big Ten, right? At least Jersey Football is still unbeaten though, and we discuss that and more this week.

Podcast by Brian Hall, Alex Schubauer and Pat Radigan, but if you want to complain, tweet at Brian.

CFS in the AM: Set-ing it Straight (9/11/14)

Husker volleyball’s long term prospects have been called into question lately, but is it just?We discuss.

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CFS in the AM: Big Ten Blues (9/10/14)

After a few days of acting like it never happened, we’re finally ready to talk about this weekend in Big Ten football.

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TSL Wrap Up: Big Ten Hangover

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FRESHLY POPPED: Sept. 8, 2014

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