CFS in the AM: Pointing at Purdue (10/28/14)

With another seemingly listless Big Ten opponent coming to Memorial Stadium, we look at how the Huskers can avoid the speed bump and keep moving forward.

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CFS in the AM: Best in the B1G League? (10/28/14)

With another conference dud coming to Lincoln this weekend, we look big picture at Nebraska’s chances of making a push at a conference crown.

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TSL Wrap Up: Winning, Kind Of (10/27/14)

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FB: Huskers use pair of record days to drop Rutgers 42-24 at home

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PHOTOS: Huskers, Abdullah blow past Rutgers to move to 7-1

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TSL Wrap Up: The B1G’s Freaks and Geeks

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FB: Huskers Prep For A Unique ‘Non-Conference’ Matchup

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TSL Wrap Up: Continuing the Cluster (10/20/14)

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PHOTOS: Huskers blank Wildcats after halftime, run past Northwestern 38-17 in Evanston

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TSL: Back in the Water (10/15/14)

Video by Brian Hall | Corn Fed Sports

TWEET O’ THE DAY: Raindrops Aren’t Falling On His Head (10/14/14)


While I should have been paying attention in class early Monday afternoon, instead I spent an hour on Yik Yak, reading various takes from UNL students on how lame it was to see guys walking around campus with an umbrella – especially with the rain as light as it was.

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FRESHLY POPPED: Making Sense of the Big Ten (10/13/14)

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TSL Wrap Up: Back From the Bye (10/13/14)

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TWEET O’ THE DAY: Ameer Cheers (10/13/14)


By this point we’re all fully aware that Ameer sets the bar pretty high, but even we’re impressed now.

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TWEET O’ THE DAY: When the NFL Meets The Office


Well, it’s a bye week, and there’s not much going on – at all.

What does that mean? Well we’ve got to dig deep to find a good tweet to feature for this morning, and we’ve gone as far back as yesterday evening, with the first non-blow-out Thursday night NFL game.

I love Jim Halpert, I love the cinematography in The Office, and I love sports, and whenever you can incorporate both in one Tweet, it’s nothing short of gold.


In case you haven’t heard, Georgia running back Todd Gurley has been suspended. #FearAmeer #ByeWeek

CFS in the AM: West-Side Living (10/8/14)

So Nebraska lost to Michigan State, what’s next? We talk about the Huskers road back to Big Ten West supremacy on our midweek show.

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TWEET O’ THE DAY: Kenny’s Juice (10/7/14)


When I first saw the new Hail Varsity cover, I’ll admit the first thing I thought about was how Kenny’s teammates would respond, and then Josh Mitchell dropped the mic.

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