TWEET O’ THE DAY: Stoppage in Scottsbluff


It was only a matter of time before Tim Miles took home one of our Tweet O’ The Day’s, but who knew it would come due to his abilities as a videographer?

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CFS AM: Playing Homers (6/18/14)

With the CWS in full swing we decided to ignore all those teams playing in Omaha and talk some Husker baseball instead.

CFS AM: Mike Schaefer – 24/7 Sports (6/9/14)

We welcome in Husker recruiting insider Mike Schaefer to talk about the process and how Nebraska has taken steps to grab top talent.

CFS AM: Draft Roulette on Big Red Weekend (6/9/14)

We talk about the Huskers who are potentially, and definitely, headed to the Major Leagues after the MLB draft and hit on recruiting just in time for Big Red Weekend.

TWEET O’ THE DAY: From Miami to the NFL


If you were on Twitter over the weekend, you not only got overwhelmed by NFL draft updates and information, but you also got to see the one time of year where everyone who has ever watched sports suddently morphs into Mel Kiper Jr. (if you say Todd McShay here, please see yourself out).

But hidden amid the grandstanding, rants and detailed breakdown from people hanging out on their couch and watching at sports bars came an instant analysis Tweet about Stanley Jean-Baptiste that actually brought to life an interesting fact. In pointing out this comparison to Lavonte David’s path to the NFL, Rich Kaipust showed sometimes reporters can still, well, report instead of editorialize.

Heck of a concept, right?

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TWEET O’ THE DAY: Faux Pelini and PETA Collaborate



At this point if you don’t get that Faux Pelini usually wins Twitter, you just haven’t been paying attention, but on Thursday, his random acts of faux-frustration turned into comedic gold.

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FRESHLY POPPED: April 11, 2014

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SCARLET LETTER: The Maiden Voyage

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FRESHLY POPPED: Feb. 5, 2014

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FB: Huskers turnovers, lack of production lead to 38-17 loss to Iowa

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PHOTOS: Huskers unable to overcome injury woes, drop 38-17 decision to Iowa

Photos by John Duren | Corn Fed Sports

POSTGAME: Husker coach Bo Pelini on pressure, job security

Breaking down the aftermath of Huskers vs. Iowa and the speculation around the future of the Nebraska football program.

FB: Huskers eke out 23-20 overtime win in Happy Valley

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PHOTOS: Huskers unable to overcome five turnovers in loss to Spartans

Photos by Pat Radigan | Corn Fed Sports

FB: Husker-to-be Pierson-El excited about on and off field prospects of Nebraska

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MOVING FORWARD: Husker keys to surviving defensive battle with Spartans

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CFS Morning Radio: 11/15/13

We let Huskers vs. Spartans take center stage on our Friday show and turn our attention to Husker wrestling for a special second segment with our in-house wrestling expert

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