TSL Wrap Up: The B1G’s Freaks and Geeks

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FB: Huskers Prep For A Unique ‘Non-Conference’ Matchup

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TSL Wrap Up: Continuing the Cluster (10/20/14)

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PHOTOS: Huskers blank Wildcats after halftime, run past Northwestern 38-17 in Evanston

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TWEET O’ THE DAY: Raindrops Aren’t Falling On His Head (10/14/14)


While I should have been paying attention in class early Monday afternoon, instead I spent an hour on Yik Yak, reading various takes from UNL students on how lame it was to see guys walking around campus with an umbrella – especially with the rain as light as it was.

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FRESHLY POPPED: Making Sense of the Big Ten (10/13/14)

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TSL Wrap Up: Back From the Bye (10/13/14)

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TWEET O’ THE DAY: Ameer Cheers (10/13/14)


By this point we’re all fully aware that Ameer sets the bar pretty high, but even we’re impressed now.

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TWEET O’ THE DAY: When the NFL Meets The Office


Well, it’s a bye week, and there’s not much going on – at all.

What does that mean? Well we’ve got to dig deep to find a good tweet to feature for this morning, and we’ve gone as far back as yesterday evening, with the first non-blow-out Thursday night NFL game.

I love Jim Halpert, I love the cinematography in The Office, and I love sports, and whenever you can incorporate both in one Tweet, it’s nothing short of gold.


In case you haven’t heard, Georgia running back Todd Gurley has been suspended. #FearAmeer #ByeWeek

CFS in the AM: West-Side Living (10/8/14)

So Nebraska lost to Michigan State, what’s next? We talk about the Huskers road back to Big Ten West supremacy on our midweek show.

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TWEET O’ THE DAY: Kenny’s Juice (10/7/14)


When I first saw the new Hail Varsity cover, I’ll admit the first thing I thought about was how Kenny’s teammates would respond, and then Josh Mitchell dropped the mic.

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CFS in the AM: Washed Away? (10/7/14)

Were the Huskers chances of still getting into the B1G Title game and maybe, just maybe sneaking into the playoff lost in the rains of East Lansing, or is there hope?

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TWEET O’ THE DAY: Aaron’s Pity Party (10/6/14)


Slowly, the cloud of dust has finally begun to settle.

Two days later, the college football world is still reeling from what was one of the most chaotic days in the history of the sport. Eleven ranked teams lost over the course of the weekend, including Alabama, Oregon, UCLA, and yes, even Nebraska. After three very poor quarters, Nebraska somehow battled back and took No. 10 Michigan State down to the wire, and only a late turnover allowed the Spartans to celebrate, after having led by as many as 24 at one point in the game.

But what single tweet could we possibly find to best sum up the weekend that was in a bloodbath for college football, and the Huskers toughest contest that they will (more than likely) face all season?

Hold the dang phone, y’all. You’re telling me we’ve got Aaron Carter giving the Huskers shout outs now? The same Aaron Carter that was throwing house parties and beating Shaq in 1-on-1 when he was like, nine?

Does this make Aaron Carter a bona fide Husker fan? Does this mean that whenever College Game Day comes to Lincoln, they’ll choose Mr. Carter to be the guest picker? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS.

Ok, let’s be real here. The Huskers are 5-1 going into the bye week, and while they did suffer a setback this last Saturday, things are still looking bright for the Huskers. I think everyone, both team and fans, could use the next two weeks to regroup before facing a surprisingly competent Northwestern Team in Evanston, and we can continue the ride of what could be a special season.

Now if you need me, I’ll be putting together a sick Aaron Carter Spotify playlist together to prep for his show.


It never gets unfunny. Ever.

TSL Wrap Up: Angst From East Lansing (10/6/14)

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CFS in the AM: B1G Time Battle (10/3/14)

As the Big Red march into the Spartan territory this weekend, we discuss Nebraska’s chances to win a primetime matchup.

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TWEET O’ THE DAY: Getting Icy on Frost


College football has a funny way of working in circles.

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TSL Wrap Up: Ups and Downs of the B1G League (10/3/14)

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