PHOTOS: Huskers pull out 1-0 win over Butler behind Flynn’s late strike

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Tomorrow is Saturday, August 30th. Tomorrow is game day.

  • New Tunnel Walk?
  • -fbIowa09_jdWell, I pose it as such, but there really isn’t any question that the Tunnel Walk has been given the same treatment that the video board has received: it’s new and improved. However, up until last night, nobody really had any clue what was going to be different.

    I’m all for keeping the Alan Parsons Project with the Tunnel Walk, despite the complaints that it feels old and outdated. Any time I hear the song, I think of the Tunnel Walk, and I’d like to keep it that way. I’m also all for shooting off loud fireworks; I’ll be in the press box and I don’t have to worry about the loud noises.

    Long story short: ask and you shall receive, Husker fans. The Tunnel Walk will feel like 2014.

  • Debut Of Cool And Good Stuff
  • Keeping with the fan experience theme, it’s also important to note that Saturday’s opener against Florida Atlantic will be the debut of both the new WiFi and PA system.

    The sound system badly needed an upgrade. They might as well have put Patrick Combs on top of the scoreboard with a megaphone turned up as loud as possible. Seat wise, it would’ve been an upgrade for him. We’ll see (or hear) how well it actually works out, but I don’t think anyone has any doubt that it’s going to be a success.

    The WiFi, on the other hand, offers more skepticism. Can one network handle what will be the 334th consecutive sell-out at Memorial Stadium? It remains to be seen, but I love technology, so I’m willing to be optimistic – for the fans.

  • Volleyball, yo.
  • We’re all ready for some football, but seventh-ranked NU volleyball gets their season and the AVCA Showcase underway tonight with a match against 13th-ranked Florida State. The Huskers haven’t opened the season against a ranked opponent since 2010, when they swept Kentucky in Omaha.

    While tonight is tough, Sunday is even more difficult, as Nebraska will face third-ranked Stanford at the Devaney Center. It’s a big weekend, and just the beginning of an immensely difficult schedule that Nebraska will endure over the next four months.

    Mary Pollmiller is the only senior, and while they’re young, they’ve still got one of the most exciting teams to watch in the country. Follow along this weekend!

  • NU Soccer hosts Butler
  • No, Gordon Hayward will not be there.

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SOC: Huskers Johnson, Kraeutner called up to national U-20 ranks

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FRESHLY POPPED: Feb. 19, 2014

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BETWEEN TWO SEAS: Gameday in Europe — Part 2

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SOC: Huskers NCAA run skids to a halt with loss to Boston College

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